TFX understands the Global Franchise market and recognizes the potential of finding new and emerging franchise concepts eager to develop their systems in Canada.

Our resources are able to source and negotiate Master Franchise opportunities to bring to Canada.  TFX also sources, recruits, validates, secures and discloses Franchisees and area developers for our clients. We understand the importance of not only finding a new franchisee but finding the “RIGHT” franchisee. This, we believe above all, is critical to the development and ultimate success of any franchise.

TFX in conjunction with each client will:

  • Determine the target candidate
  • Source the candidates and assess their capability
  • Feed the plan and deploy the sales strategy
  • Engage the right franchisees
  • Encourage internal validation of the system
  • Start a relationship and not just close a sale
  • Assist with the preparation and maintenance of all franchise legal documentation including but not limited to the Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement and lease negotiations.
  • Target, source and negotiate Area Developer opportunities
  • Source and negotiate real-estate site -selection
  • Identify the best new social media marketing platforms
  • Manage all Franchise Trade shows
  • Develop a local emerging market strategy

TFX franchising methods improve the chances of a seamless transition and expansion of our clients' franchise systems into Canada. We set the foundation to successfully, and quickly recreate the system while providing new growth for the system in another market.

An integral part of the franchising business is to have fluid two-way communication between the Franchisor and subsequent Franchisees. It is vital that the Franchisor support team maintains a consistent understanding of the Franchisees in order to protect its brand, grow its revenue and succeed as a Franchise.

Likewise it is imperative that the Franchisees have access to the documented expertise of the Franchisor, along with marketing and business processes.

By properly identifying and duplicating the business processes, from sales, recruitment, real-estate to franchisee support, the process of organizing and deploying a franchise becomes much more simplified. And the chances for success are heightened.

This really is the bottom line: The ability of the franchisor to provide a concept and system that can offer franchisees:

  • A strong franchisor
  • A reasonable initial investment
  • A reasonable return of investment
  • Incremental and recurring revenue from multiple sources
  • Profitability
  • Enduring and deep relationships
  • TFX can help your Franchise system checks all the boxes

At TFX we are committed to franchising and will help each client realize its vision and maximize its growth potential in Canada, and Internationally.